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LxFactory is an art centre with a strong industrial feel in the Alcântara district of Lisbon. Located on the grounds of one of the most significant textile factories dating back to mid-19th century, this complex of hipster delights boasts galleries, shops and restaurants, performance spaces. Slightly off the beaten track, but an absolute must-visit if you want to experience the more alternative and young side of Lisbon.

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A true modern metropolis that can compete with any world capital in the number of attractions, Lisbon is a city that is on the up and up. Best known for its colonialist history, rich architectural tradition and Fado music, the city is perfect for long walks — hike up the hills of Alfama or at St George's Castle to get the most spectacular views. Romans, Berber pirates, Moorish builders and brutal Reconquista knights left their mark on the urban fabric of the city. Most of the best sights, restaurants and nightlife spots are situated along the river. Dive headfirst into the bohemian atmosphere of Lisbon.